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Работа в ОАЭ

We have strong experience in recruitment with Arabic Emirates. We deal only with lead companies.

Advantages of working in United Arabic Emirates:

  1. High level of salary and living standards
  2. Opportunity for improving your English level and service skill, gathering new interesting contacts.
  3. Interesting cultural experiences and sunshine

Advantages of cooperation with us:

  1. All vacancies are opened in famous 4 and 5 stars Hotels in UAE
  2. You mustn’t pay for visa, flight, accommodation, food, medical insurance, shuttle to work place, visiting gym and pool (it's all free for you)
  3. Full support. We provide full support of each candidate from first interview to job placement
  4. High speed of placement.
    Actually Job placement takes maximum 3 weeks
  5. Direct labor contract with employer
  6. Long-term relationships and career prospects.
    You sign the labor contract for 2 years with extension option. After first year you can get promotion.
  7. Legal safety.
    All relations are absolutely legal

If you are interested in international work experience, improving your language, learning the best service in the world and earning money, you will click the link with the most appropriate position for you and fill the Application Form:

  • Hotel Service
  • Security
  • Restaurants
  • Managers

After that our Specialist contact with you.

You can also contact with us by cellphone:

+7 (911) 007-08-19, Katerina

+7 (952) 200-07-21, Ilya

Call us and get the dream job.

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